I’m an experienced photojournalist who loves to photograph weddings, families, parties, newborns, graduations, funerals, holidays and any part of life – significant or ordinary.
I create timeless images that show what it felt like to be there.

For prices and more info please contact me on – I’d love to hear from you!

I believe that real life is better than fiction.
I love the thrill of the unknown.
I appreciate the little things.
I’m hopeful, optimistic, trusting and sometimes brutally honest.
I’m a bride, mother, sister & daughter.
If I wasn’t a photographer I would be a sociologist. I’m interested in people.

My favourite movie of all time is Back to the Future. My dad and I watched the third instalment so many times we could basically recite it to each other.

As a teenager I wanted to be a spy. I still do, in a fantastical spy movie kind of way. (Not in a real world sit-in-the-car-and-wait kind of way). Danger, travel, adventure, saving the world – what is not to love?

I’ve always looked younger than I am, which mostly has been a disadvantage. But it probably contributes to the fact that I enjoy getting older. I think motherhood has caught those years up to me now.

My most favourite band is Dashboard Confessional. My husband and I know ALL their songs by heart and always go to their concert when they come to Australia. (We love Twin Forks too.)