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Love like the Ocean

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite. – Shakespeare

Many people describe their wedding day as a blur. A blur of smiling faces, teary eyes, momentous promises, glamour, celebration, family and passion. A good photographer can return to you those memories that have tangled together by the end of the day.

Yet squashed in there somewhere you also want a photo shoot that is dramatic, passionate, romantic, relaxed, creative, fun and memorable in its own way. But you don’t want to get your dress dirty or your hair messy. And, let’s face it, you probably aren’t your most relaxed and natural while fretting over your dress, your family, and not being late for your reception.

What if you could set aside a special day just for taking these kinds of photos, and it didn’t matter how you looked at the end of it all. Many couples are doing just that and calling it a ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoot. While the internet abounds with images of brides covered in mud or paint (!?) my humble opinion is that such an opportunity should be used to pursue the most dramatic and romantic images possible, where all concern for the dress is gleefully abandoned.

It is with this in mind that I made plans for a ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot with the lovely, and newly married Lisa and Clay. Their wedding photos are stunning and wedded almost a year ago they’ve got frames all over the house and a gorgeous baby blue leather-bound album under the coffee table. But Lisa wasn’t happy with her custom-made dress, decided it was taking up too much space in the wardrobe, and wanted to make the most of it before throwing it out.

Lisa knew what I did: if you didn’t care about the dress, well, imagine the possibilities.

Four of us drove to a beach north of Sydney on a stormy February day with a bridal gown in a garbage bag. …Continue Reading →

Selena & Steph’s Commitment Ceremony

Selena met Steph seven years ago and fell in love. They’ve been looking after each other ever since and even though their vows aren’t recognised by the state they made them anyway on a stormy day last November. They wanted to make their dedication to each other official.

print 1

I love these individual portrait shots because before taking each of them I asked the bride to look over at her other half chatting with friends nearby. Don’t they look beautiful!

As a photographer I approached this event differently to other weddings. Rather than the usual male-female complementary poses I aimed to show them for what they are: two equal halves, twins, love birds. Running from one dressing room to another to capture the story of each bride preparing for her wedding was a challenge. But visually I enjoyed the lack of an awkward groom in a dark suit. This ceremony was all girl – light, pretty, feminine, soft, beautiful.

This post is a visual story of their day of love, commitment and family. More photos →

Father of the Bride

One year ago today my little sister married her sweetheart. She was surprisingly calm that morning, patiently handling the three generations of women that had gathered to help prepare her for the wedding. Our grandmother was there putting together bouquets of white flowers. Our mother was in and out, running errands for coffee, bobby pins and nail polish remover. I was helping Grandma with the flowers and joined the three other bridesmaids in swanning around in between hair and make-up sessions. My husband cooked us all a brunch of pesto scrambled eggs. The photographer had been and gone and with still an hour to spare my sister decided she wanted her dress altered. The matriarch went to ‘put my face on’ as she calls it, our mother did the same and our Dad turned up to entertain us all while last minute changes were being made to the dress. I adore this image of my baby sister delighting in the playful humour of our father.

A wedding is a special occasion for any family. It is one of the few times when everyone comes together and, in spite of past spats, gives their full support to the one whose life will be changed forever that day. It is a rare occasion when warring factions declare peace, bossy older sisters are on their best behaviour and everyone pulls together. As a photographer there is no higher honour than to be involved in this intimate family affair from the nervous start of the day to its triumphant end. And it is always my goal to capture special family moments like this one. Anyone can make a gorgeous portrait of the wedding couple, or a fun photo of the bridal party, or a formal group shot. But, I believe, the whole point of hiring a wedding photographer is to immortalise the emotion of the day. Otherwise, we’d just get dressed up on another convenient day to spend a few hours with a photographer. Which is a great idea, but that’s not the point of it all, is it. You want a photographer to be there when your mother holds a tissue up to her eye, when your father kisses you on the forehead before he steps aside and your bridesmaids grin from ear to ear when your union is announced. These are the precious moments that a skilled photographer watches and waits for.

daisy memories

These tiny daisies tell a story. In the morning of the wedding day the bride’s mother, aunty and grandmother worked together to prepare them for their special purpose. Wrinkled hands wearing many rings pruned and primped and set them out just so. Everyone was joking and laughing. The tables were covered in green stems and tiny white flowers. The bridesmaid took the opportunity to put some of these delicate daisies in her hair. The daisies are a reminder that the women of these families came together to celebrate a special day. They prepared the flowers, blessed their daughters, laughed, cried and drank wine – and it all started with arranging daisies.

Selena the Bride

A beautiful friend of mine got married on the weekend. Here she is, we aren’t fourteen any more. I was the new kid at a big urban school. Somehow she found me, decided she liked me and never let me go. I’d never had someone do that before. Her friendship got me through a few rough years. She is surely my oldest and most loyal friend. How could I possibly refuse the opportunity to photograph her wedding?

She got ready in my bathroom at the big luxury home they hired out for the weekend. I love that she designated the second master suite to me. I took a bath in that gorgeous tub the following morning as the rain gently fell through the view of eucalyptus trees. More photos soon.