Noosa High School – Year 12 Formal

Last Thursday night I was invited to photograph Noosa District State High School’s Year 12 Formal dinner. Let me just say, apart from the gorgeous dresses and dapper suits, there wasn’t anything formal about this incredible party. Almost 200 young graduates danced the night away without speeches or other formalities, and even the teachers got in on the fun!

What a night! DJ Ella from Noosa DJ’s kept the dance floor full and overflowing. So many times I’d see girls leaving the dance floor, barefoot and sweaty only to be dragged back by the intro of the next song. They’d look at each other, turn right around and go back for more. I love that feeling. I wish I could have dumped my camera, kicked off my shoes and boogied out too. At the start of the night I got a bunch of portraits with the DJ’s pretty light display in the background, after that it was dancing room only!

I loved being a walking, talking, pose-correcting, smile-demanding photo-booth robot. They were lining up for pics all night. I’ve posted a handful of my favourite photos below. All 321 images from the night are on my Facebook page. High-res downloads (for prints up to A4 size) will be available at until the end of February 2016. (Due warning: it is a bit slow to load those big files.)

All the best everyone. Real life is much better than high school, you are gonna love it.

High School Formal Photos-8399
High School Formal Photos-8977

Event Party Photos-8360
High School Formal Photos-8905
High School Formal Photos-8440
High School Formal Photos-8525
High School Formal Photos-8522
High School Formal Photos-8799
High School Formal Photos-8880
High School Formal Photos-8543
High School Formal Photos-9035


  1. Reply
    Ella Gerahty Tuesday, 24 November 2015

    Love your work Elyse! Great photos and I am glad you liked my lights:)
    great working with you to give the kids a night to remember

    Thanks Dj Ella xx

    • Reply
      Elyse Tuesday, 24 November 2015

      Thanks Ella!

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