Cape Point Wildflowers1
Aren’t these the most beautiful wildflowers you’ve ever seen? One cold foggy Friday last December I visited the Cape Point National Park, at the south-western tip of Africa not far out of Cape Town. The rugged terrain of the cape was covered in these gorgeous white paper daisies marking the beginning of summer. I had also visited the weekend before for a hike and took plenty of photos of their everlasting beauty under a shimmering blue sky. So I was shocked to see them all bundled up for a rainy day. So tightly closed for business, I wouldn’t have believed that these beauties had yet bloomed if I hadn’t seen the fields filled with open flowers with my own eyes less than a week before.

I spied the scene of this windswept tree giving way to the misty mountains on our drive down to the beach and asked to stop right here on our way back. Myself and a few other photographers with the WNN team spent quite a while here, captivated by the gentle light and magic of the mist. I’ve set this first image as my desktop background and I delight in the bright speckles of wildflowers, the purple haze and the memory of this beautiful place.

Cape Point Wildflowers rain

Cape Point Wildflowers Rodney

Cape Point Wildflowers due