Indigenous Brazilian couple pose in front of rustic wooden shed outside Dourados, Brazil
Travelling to remote parts of the world is just one of the things I love about my work as a photojournalist for an international NGO. I crave new sights, new images. But what I treasure most is the people I meet when I get there. Let me introduce you to Dorival and his wife Estela. They welcomed my impromptu visit to their home outside Dourados in western Brazil. Indigenous to this part of the world, they are Kaiwá, the second largest indigenous nation in Brazil. Dorival works as a pastor, travelling all over, his days concerned with the welfare of his people. In spite of the difficulties of this life Dorival’s face is bright and joyous. I was moved by his passionate interview in Portuguese and found it hard to tear myself away from their beautiful rustic ranch. Here is just a handful of images to serve as a portrait of Dorival, Estela and their humble home.

Kaiwa House
Kaiwa old car
Brazilian Cat
Kaiwa Interview
Dorival and Alda
This photo makes me laugh. I get this finger pointing expression quite a lot as I cheekily coax laughs out of my subjects. But Dorival and Estela were gracious with my antics.

Dorival Silva