Imagine thoroughly enjoying your wedding day. You’ve got plenty of time to laugh with your family and friends. You go from the ceremony to cocktails to dinner to dancing and never once have to pose awkwardly. Your precious moments of joy and celebration are not interrupted every 2 minutes by a bossy person with a camera. You’ve worked hard to prepare every detail. You all look and feel fabulous. Everyone you love is celebrating you. And a skilled photographer is quietly capturing it all.

This is not a day for saying ‘cheese’. This is a momentous day of emotion.

Many wedding photographers declare that they seek to ‘capture’ the event, that they tell the ‘story’ of the day, but posed photos don’t tell a story.

Documentary wedding photography (also called wedding photojournalism) doesn’t disrupt the scene. It is candid in the true sense of the word – authentic, honest, natural.

I can and have photographed weddings in a more traditional way, according to what was asked of me. But I adore to shoot in a candid style because the result is so satisfying. When you’ve got stunning images of your wedding day that weren’t contrived, it is just… nirvana.

I'm a Bride

Here is my most favourite image from my own wedding day 12 years ago. The talented Diana Tahija is a friend of mine and she did a fabulous job. We’ve got lots of gorgeous images. But this one is my absolute favourite. It isn’t perfect. But it is real. I remember that moment. Soon after the ceremony, the crowd was dissipating and I stole a moment to hold my beloved. I remember the feeling – elated, amazed, a little overwhelmed – we were now married! – I was taking it all in. That’s what I remember when I look at this photo. And that is perfection.