Family documentary is a new genre of photography that draws on the disciplines of photojournalism and long form documentary work. It seeks to capture life as it really is for a family at a moment in time.

For generations, professional photographers have quietly documented the daily lives of their own families. Using their skills to capture the beautifully real moments of their life. But everyone else was offered only posed portraits. Stressful, awkward and unnatural by nature, there was little other choice.

Until now.

Imagine stunning and artful images of your family’s real connections, silliness and love – AND with everyone in the frame. No more struggling to get small children to sit still and look at the camera. No more people missing from the photos. Just a day hanging out with another friendly parent, enjoying the highs and lows of your normal routine while I capture a collection of images that truly represent your family’s unique story.

Emotive imagery can stop wars, change public opinion, motivate, infuriate or cause you to break out in laughter. Family documentary photography brings this powerful medium to your own family’s history book.

It’s fun to have photos of your kids dressed up like little old men in suspenders carrying miniature suitcases at a pretend train station. It’s adorable. But I believe it is far more valuable to have images that bring meaning to your life and perspective to your relationships. Both now and for years and generations to come.

One day you’ll want to have that beautiful visual proof that you worked hard to care for your family and you all enjoyed those precious years together. You’ll want to see Dad with a toddler under one arm and 15 grocery bags in the other hand. You’ll want to see the funny faces in the bath. You’ll want to see Mum cooking with a small child climbing her leg.

You’ll want to see the adoration, trust, gratitude, frustration, glee, tantrums, friendship and laughter that was so frequent it got taken for granted.

Humans, all of us, drastically overestimate our memory ability. Things change, your brain continually takes in new information, and the old archives get squashed into oblivion. All the little things you swear you’ll never forget. You will.

I create timeless images that will see trends come and go and always be meaningful.


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